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Intestazione: Parrocchia Madonna del Carmine

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Codice per iscrizione scuola primaria

Si comunica il codice meccanografico della scuola per chi ne avesse bisogno: PD1A239004

The rules of procedure are the set of rules governing school life


  • The school is open from September to June, Monday to Friday at the following time: from 8.30 am to 4.00 pm. Opening hours and opening times may be subject to variation according to the regulations in force or as provided by the P.T.O.F. (Triennial Plan of Formative Training).
    Entrance in the morning is allowed until 9am.
    The afternoon exit is allowed from 3:45 pm to 4:00 pm.
    The early exit is allowed from 13.00 to 14.00.
  • Children may be enrolled in our school in the age range provided by law.
  • The application for registration must be entirely completed and submitted in advance, except in exceptional cases, by the date set each year on the basis of the ministerial circle and paying the relevant fee. This fee is non-refundable. When entering the school, the school issues the regulations, which parents are required to sign to acknowledge and accept them in a special register, committing to respecting them and collaborating with the school for their implementation.
  • Through enrollment, the parents undertake the payment of the monthly fee, including the refusal service. If you withdraw your child from school in the middle of the year without written notice of three months and without proper reasoning, the parents are required to pay the monthly rate until the end of the school year. The formal request to withdraw the child from school must be formally filed by the parents to the legal representative pro tempore fifteen days before the date of withdrawal. The legal representative shall, on a case by case basis, assess the seriousness and severity of the grounds for withdrawal in order to remove the obligation to pay the monthly fee contained in this Regulation.
  • Payment of the monthly fee must be made by the 10th of each month. Payment must be made by bank transfer to the IBAN bank account: IT49C0538712100000002330940, headed to Parish Madonna del Carmine. Only in exceptional cases, to be agreed directly and solely with the legal representative of the institute, Mons. Don Alberto Peloso, in the face of serious reasons, payment can be made in cash with specific instructions. The parent who asks for any economic benefits, to be agreed directly and solely with the legal representative of the institute, Mons. Don Alberto Peloso, is required to inquire about the conditions for granting them and to respect them, subject to their withdrawal.
  • The monthly fee must also be paid by those who are absent throughout the month in order to cover the school's fixed costs and general costs.
  • Families must repeat enrollment each year in the school within the established time limit even for the children who are already attending, paying the sum due to which enrollment and insurance are included.
  • The attendance at the school is connected to the payment of the monthly fee. The School Management reserves the right not to admit children for whom the monthly fee has not been paid regularly and to report in writing to the parents the failure to pay, prompting them to pay missed fees.
  • The school reserves the right not to retain the place for the registered and non-attending child for whom the parents do not pay the monthly fee for unjustified reasons.
  • The fee is due in its entirety, according to what was established at the beginning of the school year. Reductions are planned for other attending siblings.
  • The school is not obliged to apply differentiated rights according to ISEE; it may apply the facilities by examining, on a case by case basis, the written requests received in this regard, which will be examined by the School Directorate, in the person of the legal representative, Monsignor Don Alberto Peloso.
  • The total number of children per section cannot exceed the number provided by the current regulations.
  • Children who are absent for more than six consecutive days (including Saturday and Sunday and any other non-lesson days) due to illness, in order to return to school must submit a medical certificate. Any absences of more than five days for other reasons (travel, family ...) must be communicated to the teacher by written notice before the absence.
  • For educational initiatives, children may leave the school building by receiving written consent from their parents. The school will inform parents of the destination, mode of transport and plans for the day.
  • Year-by-year arrangements will be made for the celebration of birthdays at school; these methods will be communicated at the beginning of the school year to the parents at the assembly.
  • When arriving to school, children must be accompanied through the building and personally handed over to the teacher. Parents should inform the teachers in writing whether the child will be accompanied by someone other than the parent, giving the exact identity of the person. Minors cannot collect the child from school, even if they are family members.


  • Apron.
  • Towel with tab or ring (to hang), bearing the child's name.
  • Bib with elastic band, marked with the name of the child.
  • Complete change of clothes (socks, trousers, t-shirt, underwear), to be used when needed for the 3 year olds.
  • Cloth bag, containing bib, bottle of liquid soap and paper handkerchiefs.
  • For the sleeping: pillow, top and bottom sheets, blanket.
  • It is advisable to dress children with comfortable garments that are easy to take off when needed, with no buttons, straps and belts. Footwear should be comfortable.

The school has contracted civil liability claims for damage done to third parties and to workers and towards injured children. An official complaint for an injury must be submitted to the school within 3 days of the accident.

The school has teaching and auxiliary staff with the necessary legal requirements, in compliance with the current law and contractual rules. The school adheres to F.I.S.M. (The Italian Federation of Maternity Schools) and applies the relevant national employment contract for its employees with full respect for workers' rights and all applicable laws and regulations for the maintenance of scholastic parity. The school has teaching staff who have the legal qualifications to carry out the activities that are required and possess the qualification required according to the law in force.

For the qualification and the pedagogical and professional updating of the staff, as well as safety, the school adheres favorably to the initiatives of F.I.S.M. and can still turn to those run by other public and private entities.

The educational work reaches its goal when the Educating Community, school staff and parents work together with a perspective of permanent growth and education.
The school is set up within the integrated child education system with the aim of accommodating children from three to six years for an integral education of their personality with a Christian vision of life.
The school is open to all, even children of different nationalities and other religious beliefs with the utmost respect for their beliefs, without however giving up the school’s Christian identity, of which parents are informed.
The educational activity is carried out by the school in close collaboration with the family and with the community, valuing community participation and being a part of the larger parish community.
For its own purposes, it makes use of the most appropriate didactics and means and in particular of its own educational project that is in line with the educational and didactic guidelines of the Ministry of Public Affairs Education and faithful to the Christian inspiration of the school itself. Educational and didactic action is contained in the Triennial Plan of Formative Training (P.T.O.F.). It works on the basis of the curriculum prepared according to the ministerial guidelines in force.

The teaching staff consists of the teaching staff in service at the school and is chaired by the teaching director or coordinator.
The Teaching Staff:

  • takes care of the programming of educational activities and didactic activities;
  • formulates proposals to the school administrator, through the director / coordinator, regarding the formation and composition of the sections, timetables and organization of the school, taking into account the rules of procedure;
  • periodically assesses the overall performance of the teaching activity to verify its effectiveness in relation to the planned objectives;
  • examines the cases of pupils who have difficulty integrating into the school in order to identify the most appropriate strategies for their beneficial integration;
  • the teaching staff and the managing body, prepare the P.T.O.F. which is made public by law and can be consulted through the school site: www.carminepd.it at the “Scuola Materna” section.
    The teaching staff is set up at the beginning of the school year and meets at least once every four months.

Art.8: The Council of Intercession
The intersection board is composed of teachers in service at the school and a parent from each section chosen by their respective assemblies, and is chaired by the director / coordinator of the school that convenes it, or by a teacher, board member, his / her delegate.
It meets in hours that do not coincide with the school's working hours, with the task of formulating to the Teaching Staff and Management Organizations of the proposed school on educational and didactic actions and innovative initiatives aimed at expanding the educational experience.
The council meets upon convening with the legal representative.

The general assembly of parents is made up of parents of enrolled children. The Assembly is convened by the School Management Committee at least once a year and whenever specific requirements require it.
The assembly must also be held when at least one third of its members request it in writing.
The meeting is valid at first call, if half of the parents are present and in second call, an hour later, with any number of those present. At the meeting, the teaching staff and the non-teaching staff can participate only when given the right to speak.
The assembly examines the program's report on the activity of the school, expresses its opinion in relation to P.T.O.F. and other school initiatives designed to improve quality and expand the educational experience.

The Management Committee is chaired by the Parish Pro tempore, legal representative of the Parish and the School of Infancy.
The Chairman shall appoint a Deputy Chairman of his / her confidence, possibly with permanent or temporary vicarious functions, that is to say, with the same attributions as his / her powers.
The other members of the committee are chosen from the parents of attending children or who voluntarily offer some of their time to manage some aspects of school administration or are elected by the chairmanship among people with adequate skills and competencies.
The Management Committee's component functions are free and the term of office is three years, with the possibility of renewal. In the presence of particular situations of inadequacy of the organ and its members, the Chairman may, by his or her unquestionable measure, decide to dissolve the Committee or replace one of its members.
Each parent can offer his / her contribution by contacting one of the members of the Committee or the legal representative.
It is up to the Management Committee, as a collaborator of the Parish Priest to:
- supply all the acts of ordinary and extraordinary administration of the School;
- approve the budget and final balance sheets;
- adopt the School's Rules of Procedure;
- express opinions on appointments of staff, as well as on disciplinary or dismissal measures, on the appointment of the Coordinator, on the conclusion of a convention with public and private bodies;
- set the monthly rate, assessing any conditions of indigence;
- deliberate on any topic that concerns the function of 'school administrator' as provided for in the applicable childcare regulations and the FISM Guidelines.

The School uses the following financial means for operating expenses and for the realization of set goals:
- monthly fees from families
- contributions by the State, the Region, the City Council and other public and private entities in accordance with current legislation;
- offerings, donations and benevolence;
- any other revenue received for internal and / or third party initiatives aimed at supporting the activities of the school are regulated by the relevant legislation.

The school is entered by U.L.S.S. in the program of sanitation and health care. Teachers and / or the Management Committee and / or the legal representative will report to parents the cases of non-compliance with the common hygienic and sanitary standards. In special cases, the legal representative reserves the right to remove children from the school whose family does not cooperate with the respect of the norms in hygiene-sanitary matters with possible reporting to social services in the most serious cases. Teachers and in-service staff cannot administer medication to children, except for cases of extreme urgency and necessity, which are previously documented by the treating physician (dose-tolerance, specific doses, dosage, and procedures).
In the case of lice, the parent must not take the child to school; they must do specific treatment and warn the teachers promptly. The child can only be admitted to school upon presentation of a medical certificate attesting to treatment.

Art.13: MEALS
The school provides meals in accordance with a special dietetic table prepared in agreement with the competent health authority and dietician consultant of U.L.S.S. Prepared diets are provided in the event of food allergies or dietary restrictions, as may be indicated in writing by the family, provided that they are not contrary to the primary health protection requirements of the child.

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